Back in September this thing happened. It felt quite significant politically. I don’t do politics in my work and I certainly don’t do current – ideas generally linger in my notebooks for a looong time.

But I felt compelled to make a new kit. I drew a man named Jeremy. Made a screen and did a small run of 20 – one or two people might buy this I thought.


Roll on three months and hundreds of orders later! The Corbyn love is strong.

There had to be one final thing.



Corbyn goodies available in my shop here


And just like that, weeks have zoomed by

I never really said that my 52 weeks of drawing my stuff had to be 52 consecutive weeks, as in a year did I. I get distracted! It’ll happen but it may take a while. Meanwhile, I’ve drawn up a couple of new characters. I don’t usually get political in my work but I felt compelled to make a kit of the marvellous Jeremy Corbyn….don’t know who JC is? He’s the new leader of the Labour Party and brings a real possibility of change.

Meet Jeremy. He’s rather lovely. He’s screen printed in my studio.
You can get your mitts on your very own JC kit here.



You know it makes sense.