Back in September this thing happened. It felt quite significant politically. I don’t do politics in my work and I certainly don’t do current – ideas generally linger in my notebooks for a looong time.

But I felt compelled to make a new kit. I drew a man named Jeremy. Made a screen and did a small run of 20 – one or two people might buy this I thought.


Roll on three months and hundreds of orders later! The Corbyn love is strong.

There had to be one final thing.



Corbyn goodies available in my shop here


2 thoughts on “Corbynmania

  1. Not one review that wasn’t 5 stars! That’s going some Mrs, well done. I hope you get plenty of time to put your feet up this Christmas. Btw, I’ve just read that Icelandic folk give each other a book on Christmas Eve, then everyone reads their book through the night, cosy in bed with hot chocolate. Apart from obvious commitments on the big day, e.g. if you are catering to an army of family and want to be awake, that sounds rather lovely.Dy xx


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