52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 23

fhaf knife web


A beautiful bone handled knife.

It mostly sits in the drawer beneath my sewing machine.

A multi purpose studio tool.

Screwdriver, opener, scraper.

Judging by the slight gunkiness of the end

I suspect a glue spreader at some point too.

My kitchen drawer is full of these at home.

There they are used daily.

As knives.


Prints available here

52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 17.

fhaf cooking pot blog lo res

My lovely red cooking pot.

Bootfair bargain at one whole Britsh pound.

Returned to my studio by a friend.

We’d had dinner at theirs.

I made sticky toffee pudding.

The pot needs to go back to my kitchen.

Sometimes I hide snacks in it.


Prints available here