We are fast approaching that time of the year where we feel compelled to rush out and buy a plethora of gifts to bestow upon our beloveds to show them just how much we adore them. Our love measured by the amount we are prepared to spend or the grand gestures we are prepared to lavish. In case you’re wondering I  don’t really go in for all that nonsense. I would rather my husband didn’t buy red roses when they are at their most overpriced, and lavish gestures have never really been his thing. 

At FHAF I have come to realise, as I give the ‘romance’ section of my shop the once over, that I am a champion of the romantic underdog. Here are some of my romantic heroes. These are the kind of gifts to show you love someone. 

I LOVE Napoleon Dynamite and this is my favourite awkward compliment.

Napoleon Dynamite compliment card available here

There are more gems to be had from that incredible film. This is my most popular card of all, even outside of the romance section. If you have watched past the credits of the movie you know how beautiful this scene is…….my eyes are leaking at little at the mere thought of it. If you happened to meet your beloved online and they also love this film this is romantic gold!!

Kip’s wedding song to LaFawduh is a truly beautiful thing.

 You can purchase the card here.

This is my favourite first date ever. These two lovebirds are just too cool. I love them. Brick and Chani. My romantic heroes!!!!

You can buy a print of this beautiful scene my clicking on this magical link. Cards are available too.

Now what about that forbidden love. We can’t forget that now.

The beautifully broken Margo Tenenbaum helps us out with that scenario.

Get your Margo fix right here
As I write this blog I realise I have made way more Valentine’s related goodies than I’d thought. Perhaps I’m a hopeless romantic at heart after all. I do wonder though what message I have inadvertently sent out to my kids in this department. Is their view of love a little off kilter because we made them watch Napoleon Dynamite and Wes Anderson films too often. I’ll let you make up your own mind. Here are a couple of cards by my son. He was about 10 when he made these drawings. I loved them instantly and stole them away pushing aside the ever so slightly worried parental voice in my head. These cards are perfect for that unrequited love in your life….I’m not going to use the word stalker but…..Or perhaps it’s your cat who gets all your adoration and …..smothering.

Please note that my son has negotiated an above average commision on the sale of all his cards. I only exploit my children for domestic chores.

Your secret admirer will ADORE this ever so slightly creepy card. Get it here

A card for your cat on Valentine’s day
Whatever you’re thing may be, be sure to celebrate the romantic underdogs this Valentine’s day. That is where love is most brutal!

This is just some of the stuff available so head on over to my shop for a nosey around.

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Happy Valentine’s folks.