I vow to blog more

Almost every time I blog I say I’ll do it more. Why is it that we so often push aside the things we enjoy the most to procrastinate about the boring stuff? Well today I’m cracking through the boring stuff and doing the stuff I love!

Just under a month ago we moved house. I’ve been enjoying unpacking and settling into our new home but yesterday a wonderful thing happened. I created my nest. My nest has for so long been baskets and boxes filled with books, stationery and writing material that gathered around my chair in the living room. It was lovely yet some how not conducive to productivity.

In our new home my nest has its own space. I brought one of my desks from the studio and picked up a used bookcase. My nest is no longer stuffed in boxes….well, a few bits still are until I unpack those later. My nest sits in the bay window of our bedroom. The light is beautiful and the view is not distracting. This is a place I want to be. This is a place where some of my writing projects may finally come to life.

For today I am tackling a long list of boring but essential jobs. That list is written ready to be ticked off. I am fueled by porridge. I’ve already had coffee and chats with some lovely friends. I’ve stocked up on 29p aubergines at Lidl. I’ve blogged, or will have by the time you are reading this. At the end of my list for today is another lovely treat I so often put off. Snail mail!!! When my boring list is done I will feel accomlished and free to indulge in some letter writing. 

For now I need to tackle this. For now I feel like I’ve got this. The control freak in me is feeling organised. The dog is snoring behind me on the bed. There is no sound but the ticking clocking and distant traffic. I love my new nest. This is my very own space within the home. A space of one’s own. Yes, this will do nicely. 

My current favourite card for snail mail is this illustration from Brick and Chani’s first date in the laundromat from Anchorman 2. Pure romance. Although the one flying off the virtual shelves right now is Prince. Click on the images below to take you to my Etsy shop. 


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