52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 15.

fhaf beach treasure lo res blog

Beach treasure.

A measure of some sort.

Weathered and worn.

Obscured lettering and beautiful patina.

I wonder where it’s journey started.

What was it used for.

Before it was picked up from a beach in Maine.

Then sent to me by my dearest friend.

To sit on my studio shelf.


Prints available here.



3 thoughts on “52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 15.

  1. Morning Susan,I’ve posted a comment, as I usually (always?) do, but don’t read it as a hint; I want to buy this myself, and you can bring it with you if that’s easier/cheaper. This is my favourite drawing so far, and the words are perfect with it. True, they do resonate with me, but I think it would have a wider appeal based on the friendship theme. Lovely work.Sorry I’m not writing every day with excited thoughts for your visit; it’s just such a garden-busy time here at the moment I’ve only written a bare line here and there…I’m gearing up though, not too much planning, but thinking about some eating and drinking and friends for while you’re here. Plus drawing and quilting of course! Xx


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