52 weeks of drawing my stuff. Week 5 & 6

Because I’m behind and it was half term I did two.

Week five


Pointed red pepper. I munch on these all the time on the studio. I have to remember to check in the mirror before I go out. I often have a big clown like red stained smile. This one didn’t get eaten and then I was away for a few days with kid lurgies and stuff. It’s slowly shriveling on my desk in the warm sun. I sometimes ponder on the slowness of certain fruits or veggies to decay and worry about what kind of embalming toxins were added to keep them fresh. I’ll enjoy the slow beauty of decay as I didn’t get to eat this whilst it was crunchy and delicious. This is, I think, the first pointed red pepper to be wasted. We all gobble them up like crazy pepper loving fools.

Week six

As it was half term I didn’t draw my stuff, instead I drew stuff I did. It was a random day full of irony and futility.


P.S. I’ve spotted my spelling mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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