52 weeks of drawing

I finally decided what my 52 week project will be. After much procrastinating and many ideas I knew I needed to choose the project that would feel like creative play. My  default distracted doodling is hand lettering and simple line drawing. Drawing is something I always wish I did more of so that is my project.

But what to your? I considered buildings, new characters, chickens…… all things I like to draw but I settled on my very first idea.

Every week I will draw something from my studio clutter. The real life studio still life that surrounds me. I will also write a little bit about how it came to be in the studio.

So here goes.

52 weeks of drawing my clutter

Week one



I’m not sure which dressing up event I first bought this bottle of spirit gum for, most likely it was for attaching a moustache to one of the kids faces. It will have arrived at the studio in the big chest of drawers when the studio moved from home. At some point the bottled has fallen over and the super sticky gum has leaked out. Rhinestones are now stuck fast to the side of the tiny empty bottle. The last time I used it was to fix hairy moles to my face for bookgroup. I was Ruth from Lives and Loves of a She-Devil. I turned up to the alehouse with my newly attached hairy facial accessories and frumpy floral frock and freaked everyone out a little. No one else had dressed up that night. I got some odd looks through the window.

Do I keep this tiny jewel encrusted empty bottle.




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