A new start

A new year seems like a good time to start afresh. For some time I have felt that Fat Hen And Flo has needed a face lift so to speak. Over time my creative style, output, makings or whatever it is I actually do has evolved and grown and become a different thing from where I first started. It is still me, in fact it is more me. Perhaps a braver me, less inclined to be swayed by others or more confident in my own voice. It is still Fat Hen And Flo but in a different way and needed a name and look that better suited my scribblings of today. So welcome to FHAF (this is what I’ve always called it so it seemed natural and fitting  – I so often am FHAFing in the studio…………

This is the new blog, new logo, new shorter domain. New start.

Happy day ahead folks.

song lyrics susans house




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